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DP ActionPack - For Developers

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ActionPack - [Please specify Audience here]



Problem Overview


  • Data is getting pushed into all sorts of repositories around the web. Re-entering data is not an attractive option, and syncing data in 10 places won't scale.
  • Your data should be owned and controlled by you.
  • You should be able to share your data with whomever you choose, and specify the terms and duration.
  • What if our app was "inherently installed" in the internet? What if someone logged in, and the app just acted like a desktop app that "knew" about your flickr images, your youtube videos, it knew about your myspace friends, facebook friends, and automatically treated them as one logical database, one logical social graph?


Problem Specifics


  • Data must be accessible, but under control by the user
  • Syncing data in lots of places simply won't scale in internet terms.
  • Data must be aggregated at runtime, and it must be dealt with from many different sources, but linked together.
  • Since the "internet is the platform, it is the OS", why not treat storage/data on the internet as a single logical disk, single logical db?
  • Abstractions are a good thing. No, we don't need new "frameworks". But in cases like the evolution of networks, things like the 7 Layer OSI Reference model we A Good Thing. Why can't a model like that work here?


Actions you can take


Community Evangelism


Mainly right now we want to get a few like minded developers that like a good problem, have a use for a unified data model, and aren't afraid of some moderately heavily lifting and late night coding. This is a cool problem, and we are lucky to be able to work on it. Trust me, writing UI's to stick data into SQL statements at [Insert Corporation Here] sucks.


Open Initiatives


I'd say Yadis, openID, OAuth would be some interesting ones, but we are just really trying to glue a lot of these things together and get The Graph going. Our main focus is to get this stuff rolling.


Implement DataPortability


Well, OAuth is going to be a big part of what we do, and hopefully its going to evolve in just the ways we need. openID is a key technology, but other than that, for the momment, a lot of it is up in the air. We have a rough sketch of how a "web inode" should work. Will Yadis fill tihs completely? How do these things fit together? Finding out that is the key here, so if you want to implement something, help us build a reference implementation of OAuth, Attribute Exchange, and an openID 2.0 codebase.


Business Justification Guides


Design/Decision Guides


Reference Implementations


Case Studies


List of places you can promote your outcomes/register your compatibility


Host a DataPortability talk


Sample Slides


People to invite in your area (nominate yourself!)


Find out more


Action Pack Curator contact details




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