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WRFS Prototype Workspace

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Prototype Implementation


Concept Writeup - Current Draft

WRFS Model Execution Sequence

WRFS Model Boilerplate Test App

Abstraction Model Layout - Coming



  • Why?
  • What is it?
  • What needs to be done?
  • Milestones





Basically, we want to begin a "work in progress" of some ideas we've sketched out. Let's see what we can do, and see what breaks.


What is it?

We are going to take the WRFS abstraction model, and implement it with a few existing pieces of technology, with the goal being to:

  1. Full the functionality goals
  2. Require as few changes to existing specs as possible
  3. Create a "turn key" stack implementation for other's to beta test.
  4. Show how layers in the stack can be swapped out as long as they adhere to the model.


What needs to be done?

  • base design sketch into a working model sketch
  • we need to lay out which tech we are going to try in what layer
  • we need to agree on a target working demo, and milestones


 What's Been Done?




Current Work:


Floe.tv guys:


    JLewis: implementing openID, then YADIS


    JPatterson: I'm going to make another pass at making a detailed set of execution steps for the "DHCP" for data document which will then show specific mechanics at each step that can be     abstracted by the stack model. I'd really like to get the basic mechanics down, step by step, and then I think that will help show what logical functions can be aggregrated into one spot, and what needs to be seperated out. This then allows us to say "yeah, YADIS will serve X and Y function, plug it into the prototype" or "this doesnt work quite right with technology X, what else is available here?". Since floe.tv is a media mixer, its logically a tremendous testbed for an data backend that allows people to dynamically use their data. I'd really like to see a test version that allows you to log in via openID, and then WRFS goes and finds the media you own in whatever site is connected onto "The Graph". I'm sure there will be some intermediate milestones along the way.



Faraday Guys:


    Paul: Already has OpenID server (which provides YADIS for its default components) that can be modified if necessary.

    Paul: working on components for providing REST-based stores for the various file formats, and perhaps for management of the YADIS files as well.



Current Sketch:


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